Protein Breakfast

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Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂 

I’m the biggest bread lover!!! Like, I would choose a slice of bread over a piece of cake ANY day! I wouldn’t mind going to “old school prison” where you are only served bread and water.. Hahaha

For real I LOVE bread.

Lately I’ve been on my first diet ever. A strict protein diet, which means no bread, no pasta, no french fries (hard when you live in the country of french fries), potatoes etc. I’m on this diet because I’m getting ready to shoot my two music videos with some major people from the music industry and I need to be smoking hawt! I know I’m already cute but I need to reach a new level of hotness LOL! Just Kidding.

I miss bread more than I miss my perfect ex-boyfriend!!!! Ha ha ha.. We’ll kind of…

So this morning I had protein pancakes with chocolate protein powder, two eggs, half a banana and turkey bacon! It tasted way better than the picture looks. I always wonder why food pictures look so gross? Hmm.. Well my breakfast was delicious. Or at least as delicious it gets without bread;)

Good Morning


Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂 

Good Morning from Sunny L.A to all you beautiful people.

So first of all, YES – Albert Einstein and I sleep in the same bed EVERY night. We snuggle,   spoon and he is the sweetest little sleeping buddy. So get over it:)

I couldn’t fall asleep last night, and it probably didn’t help that I was on the phone talking to Zenia for hours… #GirlTalk

Then I finally fell asleep but I kept waking up over and over. I couldn’t figure out why, I slept on the right pillow, Albert was sleeping tight as little spoon, the temperature was perfect, I really needed sleep so what was it???

When it was actually time to get up I woke up to delicious protein pancakes made by my sweet friend Vivian who’s been up eeeeeeearly because of her jet lag!!! Yummy.. As I was eating these delicious pancakes I realized why I was so restless last night… Because my best best best best friend is coming to town today<3 Like we are not just bestfriends we are like a little blonde gang. And I’m so freaking excited to pick her up later today. Well not excited about sitting in traffic for an hour, then waiting for another hour at the airport. But yea you know what I mean. I’m just so excited to see her 🙂


Retouching pics has reached new levels!

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Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂 

Oh my gosh! This whole editing and retouching your pictures has reached a new level. I saw this post on Instagram and all I could do was smile.

Like for real. One thing is that magazines let Mr. Photoshop pay a visit and sprinkle his magic over the pictures before they are being published. But do we also have to do it on our own personal Instagram pictures?

Lately I see more and more regular girls or Instagram “famous” girls retouching and editing their pictures. I’m not talking about filters or making a picture brighter or darker which I do myself. I’m talking about all these app’s where people pinzes and stretches on the right places and blemishes their skin. I personally know of multiple girls that on Instagram appears to have the smallest waist, skinniest arms and cleanest skin. But in person they look nothing like that. More like a normal waist with a little muffin top. Regular sized arms. And a little bit of acne on their right cheek. 😉

Like not too long ago my friend – not mentioning any names – posted a picture of us. I was in shock! Normally her and I are about the same size – I might be a little slimmer – but basically the same size. In the picture she posted of us I looked gigantic. She on the other hand had a body straight of the Victoria Secret Catwalk. 🙁 The reason why I looked so huge was as she was making her own waist smaller the picture had been stretched so much –> which meant my body also had been stretched and appeared a lot wider than normally!

 As superficial as it sounds I freaked out! I was like oh no I look huge – I can’t have this “version of me” online. LOL.. As I was freaking out, the picture kept getting more and more likes. As the picture reach 279 likes, I was so irritated. I had to post the “original” picture and tag her in it lol.. And just hope some of these 279 people would see the original version!!!!! Hahahah 🙂

I really wished this trend would end already. Or could we at least make a social media rule that you had to put a hashtag like #Retouched #IDontReallyLookLikeThis #Photoshop #UnretouchedGirlsDontFeelBad #MagicFilter or something to remind the rest of us that these pictures are not real life. LOL.

No, but seriously. If you don’t look nothing lil your Instagram account – go ahead and delete your account already. Or just use one of the previous hashtags 😉 hahaha.

At least the rest of us “UNretouched” girls can sleep tight at night knowing that if we go missing we won’t be that hard to find. Hahaha 🙂

In the following link they are showing how to spot a “retouched” picture. They use celebrity Instagram photos like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr etc. to show the differences.

A happy ray of sunshine

IMG_5328-1.JPGLikers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂 

I was on my way to the airport to pick up my friend Vivian who’s visiting from Copenhagen. As my mom and I was driving we drove by this piece of street art and I really wanted a picture of it.

The thing is that my mom knows how to do EVERYTHING like literally everything – except take pictures! Either she cuts off my shoes, or only my head is in the picture or it’s too dark etc. So when I saw this picture I was so shocked how perfectly the light hit me and Albert! If it wasn’t because my mom is so extremely busy I would think she took a class in “How to take pictures” lol.. 😉

Anyways the picture reminded me to always be a Happy ray of sunshine! Keep your face towards the sunshine and the shadow will fall behind you. Keep shining and never let anyone dim your shine.

Living in Los Angeles really makes me appreciate the fact that you are always allowed to shine. You are allowed to dream big, think big and do big! Most people are too busy shining to try to dim your shine! Which is one of the many reasons why I love Los Angeles!

So people keep shining, keep dreaming and keep doing big things.