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Protein Breakfast

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Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂 

I’m the biggest bread lover!!! Like, I would choose a slice of bread over a piece of cake ANY day! I wouldn’t mind going to “old school prison” where you are only served bread and water.. Hahaha

For real I LOVE bread.

Lately I’ve been on my first diet ever. A strict protein diet, which means no bread, no pasta, no french fries (hard when you live in the country of french fries), potatoes etc. I’m on this diet because I’m getting ready to shoot my two music videos with some major people from the music industry and I need to be smoking hawt! I know I’m already cute but I need to reach a new level of hotness LOL! Just Kidding.

I miss bread more than I miss my perfect ex-boyfriend!!!! Ha ha ha.. We’ll kind of…

So this morning I had protein pancakes with chocolate protein powder, two eggs, half a banana and turkey bacon! It tasted way better than the picture looks. I always wonder why food pictures look so gross? Hmm.. Well my breakfast was delicious. Or at least as delicious it gets without bread;)

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