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Retouching pics has reached new levels!

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Oh my gosh! This whole editing and retouching your pictures has reached a new level. I saw this post on Instagram and all I could do was smile.

Like for real. One thing is that magazines let Mr. Photoshop pay a visit and sprinkle his magic over the pictures before they are being published. But do we also have to do it on our own personal Instagram pictures?

Lately I see more and more regular girls or Instagram “famous” girls retouching and editing their pictures. I’m not talking about filters or making a picture brighter or darker which I do myself. I’m talking about all these app’s where people pinzes and stretches on the right places and blemishes their skin. I personally know of multiple girls that on Instagram appears to have the smallest waist, skinniest arms and cleanest skin. But in person they look nothing like that. More like a normal waist with a little muffin top. Regular sized arms. And a little bit of acne on their right cheek. 😉

Like not too long ago my friend – not mentioning any names – posted a picture of us. I was in shock! Normally her and I are about the same size – I might be a little slimmer – but basically the same size. In the picture she posted of us I looked gigantic. She on the other hand had a body straight of the Victoria Secret Catwalk. 🙁 The reason why I looked so huge was as she was making her own waist smaller the picture had been stretched so much –> which meant my body also had been stretched and appeared a lot wider than normally!

 As superficial as it sounds I freaked out! I was like oh no I look huge – I can’t have this “version of me” online. LOL.. As I was freaking out, the picture kept getting more and more likes. As the picture reach 279 likes, I was so irritated. I had to post the “original” picture and tag her in it lol.. And just hope some of these 279 people would see the original version!!!!! Hahahah 🙂

I really wished this trend would end already. Or could we at least make a social media rule that you had to put a hashtag like #Retouched #IDontReallyLookLikeThis #Photoshop #UnretouchedGirlsDontFeelBad #MagicFilter or something to remind the rest of us that these pictures are not real life. LOL.

No, but seriously. If you don’t look nothing lil your Instagram account – go ahead and delete your account already. Or just use one of the previous hashtags 😉 hahaha.

At least the rest of us “UNretouched” girls can sleep tight at night knowing that if we go missing we won’t be that hard to find. Hahaha 🙂

In the following link they are showing how to spot a “retouched” picture. They use celebrity Instagram photos like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr etc. to show the differences.


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  • Amanda

    Hvad hedder du på Instagram?

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    • victoriahbech

      Hej Amanda 🙂
      Jeg hedder @Victoriahbech – tag og følg mig. Hvad er dit navn 🙂

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