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Who is Albert Einstein?

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Two years and three months ago my mother and I was driving around Santa Monica. We decided to stop by Whole Foods (a popular grocery store in California) to get some water. What we didn’t know was our pit stop was about to change our lives. 

Outside Whole Foods there was a dog rescue group who had 10 dogs who were up for adoption. All of the dogs were playing behind a fence except one little white, very scared dog. He just got neutered so he was wearing a collar or a “party hat” as we call it to keep him from licking the wounds. He was so scared, shaking and no one could pet him. As we walked by he came over towards me. If you know me, you would know that I have been TERRIFIED of dogs my entire life. So I froze and super panicked when the dog came towards me. My mother and the rescue group told me he liked me and I should pet him. I felt like everyone was forcing me and I didn’t want to be rude so I sat down and he jumped on my lap. PANIC !!! Never had a dog been on my lap……..

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The rescue group told me that they had found him in Downtown Los Angeles tied to a tree all beaten up. At the shelter he didn’t want to eat anything, go for walks, play and he barely slept.

As we were sitting there he looked into my eyes and I just knew he was special. I took him for a little walk around the block to get away from the rest of the group. I had no clue what I was doing. How I was suppose to carry him. Or how to even walk him. I felt like one of those new dads, when they get to hold their newborn baby for the first time and it is the most awkward thing ever! Ha ha ha.. Well I decided that the awkwardness wouldn’t stop me. Crisco – as the rescue group had named him – was coming home with me.

I filled out the paperwork and donated $250 to another dog who needed surgery on his leg because he had been thrown out of a car.

The first couple of weeks my mother and I had to teach him everything from going on walks, eating and drinking out of a bowl, interacting with other dogs, play with toys and most importantly to sleep. Because of his abuse he had such a hard time falling asleep. The first week he would only fall asleep laying in my arms.

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Now two years later his name is Albert Einstein. He is the prince of Hollywood. He has modeled for a major clothing company. He has his own catalogue. He attends and throws puppy parties. He plays with his favorite toys. He has his best friend Obie over for play dates. He runs off lease when we go hiking. He has attended doggie school. He went to Denmark. He has been to Las Vegas. Been to most restaurants in Los Angeles. He sleeps whenever he is tired. He eats whenever he is hungry. He is completely potty trained. He has been in recording studios. He has attended meetings. He has been at multiple photo shoots. He go for bike rides. He has played with celebrity dogs. He plays on the beach. He comes to the gym. He has his own wardrobe and his own car seat. He is the most handsome dog on the block. He is loved by many. And he gives endless kisses, love and good times.

I can without a doubt say that the best day of my life is the day Albert Einstein joined the family. He has shown me how it is to love someone unconditionally. He is my best companion. I honestly can’t imagine not having him by my side. I love Albreezy so much.

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