Halloween for dogs

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Halloween is around the corner and of course my little furry child Albert had to attend a Halloween party with his friends. The building I live in decided to throw a doggie Halloween party and providing drinks, wine, soda, candy, doggie treats and pizza (Yummy).

 photo cc1b7511-e6b8-4f42-a481-236d05877660_zps5f07d80a.jpg

Prior to the party auntie Ida and I took him to the pet store to try on different costumes. We tried everything from a hotdog to a star wars costume to a doggie devil, you name it. After trying on a bunch of costumes our top three favorites was Prince Albert, A Taco or a Witch. For some weird reason Albert seemed more comfortable in the witch outfit which had a green wig, a hat and a little purple and green tutu. I know it sounds a little gay for a boy – but he looked so cute lol and he seemed to like it so we bought it.

 photo b5c73c9e-b094-4709-9ee9-fea8d8cf1c21_zps87516606.png

Around 20 dogs attended the party and they were dressed up. The dogs were running around playing for hours and all the furry kids were really enjoying themselves.
 photo 88215ed7-2b02-4518-a696-784c98f501b6_zps9b10facc.png

Albert arriving at the party with his friend Red:)
 photo fac1e6af-c970-4104-991a-aced0e7a7f18_zpsf620a833.png
 photo 6929c1cd-06f4-4045-a8f6-53f9f45da181_zpse5570783.jpg

Christel and her little “linebarker” Bobs – so cute!
 photo 21662d3b-b255-4569-8882-ad5acfb1bbae_zps82ff1261.jpg

The winner of the best costume went to Albert’s BFF Obie:) Such a handsome turtle

 photo fdd9e235-e532-4113-99e8-dfd281de0e42_zps1b1a40df.jpg

Even Santa Claus stopped by 🙂
 photo 132c841b-6dee-4cec-b426-e43025e9d381_zps8fd8b859.jpg

And a little bumble bee 🙂
 photo IMG_6540_zpsf37f3603.jpg

Everyone trying to get a piece of the delicious doggie halloween cake 🙂
 photo d73eb357-ccb4-4241-b07c-fbd1db3c6637_zps8c3f083f.png

Of course Ida and I had to match Albert’s wig 🙂 #AnythingForAlbert
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#ThrowbackThursday 4th of July

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I’m not sure if my iMovie has been mad at me or been on vacation but something has been up because it has been acting crazy on me. Therefore I haven’t been able to share videos from the last couple of months with y’all. So I’ll be doing a few #ThrowbackThursday Videos – that way I can still share my funny and good times from the last couple of months with all my Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂

 photo FullSizeRender-21_zpscb3bbbb9.jpg photo FullSizeRender-20_zpse8feb66c.jpg

This #ThrowbackThursday video is from 4th of July. Christel and I went to a crazy fun private house party on the beach in Malibu. Next door Paris Hilton lives and was throwing another crazy party. Check out the video below:

Lunch at Aroma

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂 

Today we had a quick lunch at Aroma Bakery in Hollywood. 

They have a outside patio overlooking Sunset Blvd. The weather was beautiful so we decided to get a table outside. As we the hostess walked us to our table we realized her bottom of her butt cheeks were showing ha ha. I don’t know if she thought it would attract more costumers but if was definitely worth a laugh. #SorryButNotSorry

I got the sole with a house salad (which is bomb.com) and small potatoes. My partner in crime Ida had the kebab plate – both really yummy! Their menu is huuuuuuge and has pictures which helps a lot, if you are like me and always have a hard time choosing what you want to eat. I have been to Aroma Bakery a bunch of times and I have never gotten anything I didn’t like.
 photo FullSizeRender-16_zpsdc672e0f.jpg photo FullSizeRender-15_zps0881ed30.jpg

What I don’t like too much there is that they don’t have refills on drinks which is super rude considered their prices aren’t cheap. Especially in Los Angeles it seems really cheap and odd not to have free refills on beverages. Also I think it’s super annoying that they often include tip themselves – especially because the service isn’t amazing. The service isn’t bad but not great either so I prefer to tip myself when I pay. With that being said the food is still really delicious 🙂

After eating the bomb ass food, we had to take a little nap.
 photo 4dd80511-a580-4661-860c-b3f6f9633b8e_zpse03536dd.jpg


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Not only did I decide what Halloween party to attend his weekend. I also found my Halloween costume!!! I have a major costume phobia. I think it’s really cute when kids dress up or my furry child for that matter. But I think it’s extremely uncomfortable when grown people wear costumes. The thought of a room full of grown ass people in costumes – come on that’s super weird riiiiight? Ha ha. How am I going interact and take someone serious  in a “Toy Story” outfit? Just saying.

Anyways, if I wan’t to participate in any Halloween activities I have to dress up. In Los Angeles a lof ofmany guys take Halloween as an opportunity to take off their shirts and girls to dress super slutty. I’m not a fan of the classic slutty bunny outfit or the classic slutty nurse costume. I wanted to come up with something a little bit more fun and different.

Yesterday I went on a little Halloween shopping spree and I found my costume!!! I’m not going to reveal it yet but here is a little preview.

Any thoughts of what I might dress up as?

 photo IMG_6525_zps692e6b2a.jpg

Sushi by Izaka-ya

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Do you know those long ass days where you are too busy running around town, driving in your car all day and simply just don’t have a minute to grab something to eat. Unfortunately that happens a little too often for me. lol. My partner in crime Ida and I had one of those days this weekend. We were so busy running errands, shopping, returning some stuff that we forgot to eat. By dinner time we were so hungry!!!!!

I decided we should check out a fancy little sushi spot in Beverly Hills called Izaka-ya by Katsu-ya. The food is so delicious. The sushi is so fresh and taste so good. All the roles are freshly made and cut which you can taste.

 photo FullSizeRender-7_zps05e32f82.jpg

We ordered regular edamame and chili edamame just so we wouldn’t pass out while waiting on the rest of our food.

 photo FullSizeRender-8_zps7b7a01e8.jpg

My favorite roll here is “Popcorn Shrimp on a spicy tuna roll with soy paper“. I’m a big fan of sushi with soy paper. Everytime I get a roll with sea weed it always reminds me of old man feet walking on the beach. Don’t ask me why….

 photo FullSizeRender-12_zps1b902ddd.jpg

Another really popular dish is their crispy rice with spicy tuna on top. So yummy.

 photo FullSizeRender-11_zps3170afb2.jpg

We also ordered a “Black Cod” with crispy delicious vegetables. This dish was so good. The fish was tasty without being too fishy.

 photo FullSizeRender-13_zps3a30b7f2.jpg

Since we had starved ourselves all damn day we agreed to share their popular Chocolate Lava cake with a scoop of green tea ice-cream. Not only am I obsessed with chocolate, my favorite cake is a chocolate lava cake. It’s a chocolate cake where the inside is melted warm dark chocolate. To die for! Literally!

 photo FullSizeRender-14_zps668a1ef1.jpg

Even tho the food is amaze balls the restaurant is more casual and there is no issue walking in with sneakers on a friday night. The atmosphere is great and so is the staff. The prices are pretty decent – not super pricy but not in the cheaper end either. We payed around $40 each including beverages, desert, tip etc.

I highly recommend that you make reservation. We were lucky enough to get a table within 10 min of walking in. But Izaka-ya is vey popular so I normally always make reservations.

A little side note. This guy sat next to us at the restaurant. He was all over the damn place and it was really hard for me not to laugh. Throughout the entire dinner there was one minute where he didn’t move. He was constantly moving, eating, drinking, fixing his hair, fixing his clothes etc. This dude really needs to get his ADD under control… smh. I was so infatuated with how much he could do in so little time. Right before our desert came out I had to run to the bathroom to laugh. lol. Oh and if you read this, please brush your hair and take a shower. Thank you!

 photo eb4cee21-7cab-4511-b60a-ffdc83f10261_zps162cd793.jpg