A restaurant where you cook your OWN food?

Sweet Protein Dinner

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂

Being on this protein diet I find it so much easier to cook at home than to go out to eat. In Los Angeles most people eat out everyday. But going to a restaurant is like sending a kid into a candy store and telling them that they can’t buy anything. I have never before been aware of how much pasta, fries, potatoes and bread people eat. Every where I look when I’m at a restaurant someone is eating it. It’s torture lol. So I just find it easier to cook at home. I also think it’s easier to “spice it up” and make a sad piece os salmon really delicious.

Today I cooked salmon with lightly roasted almonds and a little side of sweet potato fries and a few raspberries. I also made a raspberry smoothie with frozen raspberries, a banana, almond milk and ice cubes.

A friend of mine told me about this dish. First I was like gross! Salmon with raspberries?! WTF. But somehow the sweet raspberries goes so well with the salmon and almonds and fills you up. You get protein and something sweet at the same time 🙂 I’m a major fan of this combo. And YES I did cook it myself… ha ha.

 photo 89c7d0c1-84fc-4347-bf68-c9c07e8a1e1f_zps702d5ca7.jpg

 photo 5bc720fc-c8ad-4fff-93d0-138c8a61fc2e_zpsc7308c8b.jpg photo bc1147bb-18a8-43a5-9a58-163b6bf5f987_zpse0a34ed6.jpg

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A restaurant where you cook your OWN food?