#ThrowbackThursday 4th of July

Halloween for dogs

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂 

Halloween is around the corner and of course my little furry child Albert had to attend a Halloween party with his friends. The building I live in decided to throw a doggie Halloween party and providing drinks, wine, soda, candy, doggie treats and pizza (Yummy).

 photo cc1b7511-e6b8-4f42-a481-236d05877660_zps5f07d80a.jpg

Prior to the party auntie Ida and I took him to the pet store to try on different costumes. We tried everything from a hotdog to a star wars costume to a doggie devil, you name it. After trying on a bunch of costumes our top three favorites was Prince Albert, A Taco or a Witch. For some weird reason Albert seemed more comfortable in the witch outfit which had a green wig, a hat and a little purple and green tutu. I know it sounds a little gay for a boy – but he looked so cute lol and he seemed to like it so we bought it.

 photo b5c73c9e-b094-4709-9ee9-fea8d8cf1c21_zps87516606.png

Around 20 dogs attended the party and they were dressed up. The dogs were running around playing for hours and all the furry kids were really enjoying themselves.
 photo 88215ed7-2b02-4518-a696-784c98f501b6_zps9b10facc.png

Albert arriving at the party with his friend Red:)
 photo fac1e6af-c970-4104-991a-aced0e7a7f18_zpsf620a833.png
 photo 6929c1cd-06f4-4045-a8f6-53f9f45da181_zpse5570783.jpg

Christel and her little “linebarker” Bobs – so cute!
 photo 21662d3b-b255-4569-8882-ad5acfb1bbae_zps82ff1261.jpg

The winner of the best costume went to Albert’s BFF Obie:) Such a handsome turtle

 photo fdd9e235-e532-4113-99e8-dfd281de0e42_zps1b1a40df.jpg

Even Santa Claus stopped by 🙂
 photo 132c841b-6dee-4cec-b426-e43025e9d381_zps8fd8b859.jpg

And a little bumble bee 🙂
 photo IMG_6540_zpsf37f3603.jpg

Everyone trying to get a piece of the delicious doggie halloween cake 🙂
 photo d73eb357-ccb4-4241-b07c-fbd1db3c6637_zps8c3f083f.png

Of course Ida and I had to match Albert’s wig 🙂 #AnythingForAlbert
 photo 9c0f955b-6dc0-45ed-8174-180ce39832a3_zpsdf38b756.jpg

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