Lunch at Aroma

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Today we had a quick lunch at Aroma Bakery in Hollywood. 

They have a outside patio overlooking Sunset Blvd. The weather was beautiful so we decided to get a table outside. As we the hostess walked us to our table we realized her bottom of her butt cheeks were showing ha ha. I don’t know if she thought it would attract more costumers but if was definitely worth a laugh. #SorryButNotSorry

I got the sole with a house salad (which is bomb.com) and small potatoes. My partner in crime Ida had the kebab plate – both really yummy! Their menu is huuuuuuge and has pictures which helps a lot, if you are like me and always have a hard time choosing what you want to eat. I have been to Aroma Bakery a bunch of times and I have never gotten anything I didn’t like.
 photo FullSizeRender-16_zpsdc672e0f.jpg photo FullSizeRender-15_zps0881ed30.jpg

What I don’t like too much there is that they don’t have refills on drinks which is super rude considered their prices aren’t cheap. Especially in Los Angeles it seems really cheap and odd not to have free refills on beverages. Also I think it’s super annoying that they often include tip themselves – especially because the service isn’t amazing. The service isn’t bad but not great either so I prefer to tip myself when I pay. With that being said the food is still really delicious 🙂

After eating the bomb ass food, we had to take a little nap.
 photo 4dd80511-a580-4661-860c-b3f6f9633b8e_zpse03536dd.jpg

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