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Music video shoot day 1

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A looooong but fantastic weekend of shooting my two music videos is over. First day of shooting took place in The Mojave desert in California and all of he shooting took place at night! I got together with my make up artist and hair stylist at 1pm (13.00). She prepped my hair and then we went on a two-three hour drive out to the desert.

 photo cf43eb49-3482-4114-bf66-575c03f97467_zps63a6c650.jpg

The director had already warned us that there would be no bathrooms, no power, and the local food/grocery store is about 20 minutes away. The film crew would have a generator to provide power to the lights – but realistically we should think of it as camping in the desert. Also 20 min before getting to our location we lost service on our phones! So we were literally out in NO WHERE!!! Scary… and creepy… Right before loosing service I found a restroom – so I took this last opportunity to pee on a real toilet. Little did I know – it was one big hole filled with poop. Awesome! I was so scared that insects or some kind of animal would climb up and bite my butt. Every muscle was so tense that it was almost impossible to pee. Ha ha. Thank goodness nothing bit my cute butt LOL. 

 photo da95e6d9-6b78-4933-8f3a-a131f83e5d82_zps5b31d8bb.png

 photo IMG_5899_zpsef89dbfe.jpg

My amazing makeup artist Christian! Follow her on IG:ChristiantheMUA_

 photo IMG_0002_zpsd23e2fd3.jpg

We got to our location and the sun was slowly going down. Not only did it get really dark it was also windy as shit. Like for real windy! A few times I actually did regret dieting because the wind basically blew me away haha.. It was also almost impossible to put on eyelashes because the wind was so aggressive. But the worst thing was how cold it was out there!! I was only wearing a little lingerie body suit from Victoria’s Secret, so I was freeeeeeezing. In between every take Ida was ready with a robe and my old UGG’s 😉
 photo photo2_zps86f8e96a.jpg

 photo 484de833-4841-476b-9a95-738c278df735_zps86f158eb.jpg

 photo IMG_5889-2_zpse3578fea.jpg

Me and my trainer Mario, who was filming behind the scenes footage all night. Stay tuned to see the wild things he caught on camera!

The song is called “Wonderland”. Most of the video takes place in a bed. So the crew build a bed on rocks out in the desert. During the hook my choreographer Nika Kljun made a very difficult but amazing choreography which includes me dancing in the bed with the sheet! Since the wind was so aggressive it was very easy to get tangled up in the sheet lol.

 photo photo1_zpsdb5f5926.jpg

 photo 2590f720-afe8-4fc9-a5c4-e5daf3c0ba05_zpsc3f4a11a.png
Oh yeah, and here is a little snapshot of me and one of the cameramen Brosef (Josef) getting down and dirty LOL. Super uncomfortable! But you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

We started shooting at 7.30pm (19.30) and finished around 4.30am (4.30). All I could think of was just to eat a big fat donut and stretching my knees. My knees were hurting so bad from dancing (on my knees) in the bed for hours.
 photo IMG_0021_zps72760eae.jpg
The grand finale where I light the bed on fire. You don’t wanna mess with me 😉 LOL #crazyrihannamove

 photo 1710e17b-cb8f-49da-ad5c-6799fe2d6d70_zps697c373c.png
And let’s not forget Mamma Zanne and Albreezy (in his little blinged out outfit) keeping the car warm.

As we drove back home my body was so tired but the adrenaline was pumping so it was so hard to fall asleep. After an hour I finally fell asleep — thank goodness since we were about to o it all over in just a few hours 😉

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