Music video shoot day 1

Music video shoot day 2

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂

Second day of shooting! The day/night before was super long and we didn’t get back till 6.30am (6.30)  therefore we only had a few hours to sleep before the crew had to meet again. My amazing make up artist and hair stylist Christian (IG: Chritianthemua_  – came to my house to do my hair and make up. Since we were shooting the same video from the night before, hair and make up had to be identical.

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Since the wind was such an aggressive biatch we had to cheat and film a few scenes indoor. We went to the directors house to shoot in his bed – awkward?! I think so!!! LOL.

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All of the scenes were of me covered by the sheet. To film it the director and the camera guy had to be under the sheet as well. Both the director and camera guy are two tall guys so it was a little crowded, super awkward at first and eventually it got extremely HOT not just in the room with all the lights but also being three people and a camera under the sheet. 😉

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Earlier that day Colin, the director had to go pick up the main prop (a major gold thrown) for my second video which we were shooting the next day. He drove an hour outside Los Angeles in his pick up truck to get it. On the way back it accidentally flew off the truck and onto the freeway?! He totally panicked because without the chair there was no second video. He called 911 who had to clear all traffic on a the freeway and call someone who could come and pick up the thrown for us. The thrown was pretty damaged so later that night they had some major fixing to do smh…..

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Todays shoot wasn’t as long as yesterdays. So when Ida and I got home we chilled for a little and watched pointless reality shows lol. Yea that’s how I relax the best after a long day of work. And of course I snuggled up with my furry child Albert 🙂

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