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We decided to have lunch at one of our favorite cafés in Los Angeles. The café is located on 3rd street and is called “Toast“.  Toast is a really popular spot for breakfast/brunch on the weekends and lunch during the week. There is a saying that says “No matter what VIP event you attended the night before you still have to wait in line to get a table at Toast“. Which is true. On the weekends there can sometimes be 30 min wait for a table. The food is super delicious and very cheap so it’s difinetely worth the wait!

 photo FullSizeRender-7_zps89065b6e.jpg

The weather was awesome today! A beautiful, warm and sunny October day – I really do live in paradise. Since the weather was so good – we had lunch outside. Everything is good on the menu but if you have a chance to stop by you definitely need to try the “Lus” which is a panini with chicken, avocado, cheese and salsa and you difinetely need to try their fries they are sooooo unbelievably good.

 photo IMG_5792_zps07c1bfe0.jpg

Oh, and of course my furry child Albert was there too.
 photo IMG_6373_zps5567536a.jpg

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