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It was my partner in crime, favorite blonde, my main chick, our favorite auntie and my bestie Ida’s birthday today!!! Yay!!! For the first time in forever we are together on her birthday so I was super excited to make her day special.

The night before I ran a few errands to make sure everything was ready. I went to the grocery store to buy food so I could make her breakfast in the morning. Then I went to a restaurant called Bossa Nova who serve her favorite bread. I wanted to buy her a basket instead of a birthday cake in the morning. Ida loves bread as much as I do. So I knew this would be a sure hit. Unfortunately the restaurant wouldn’t sell me their bread!!! 🙁 After talking to a couple of people I eventually convinced the manager to let me buy some of their bread. 🙂 #AnythingForMyBestie

 photo b013c670-afda-4b32-ad3d-bc1435974a15_zps741543f6.jpg

After I went to CVS  (thank goodness they are open 24 hours) to make a personal birthday card for her. I picked one of our infamous selflies (lol) for the card. After multiple times of setting up this card (for some reason it just wouldn’t work) I finally succeeded 🙂 As my friend and I was waiting for the card to print I picked out another birthday card and some other goodies. We went to pick up the birthday picture but when we looked in the bag it was a picture of a Hispanic couple?! I have nothing against Hispanic couples but I thought it was a little discriminating that the lady at the store was claiming that it was me and my bestie Ida on the picture. We are two blonde girls so I don’t see any similarities? What do you guys think?

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After finally convincing her that it wasn’t me nor Ida in the picture she reprinted my order and I got the right birthday picture. Ha ha ha…

 photo photo4-2_zpsd25c94b4.jpg

The next morning my furry child and I woke Ida up to a delicious breakfast, turkey bacon, eggs, her favorite bread, chocolate covered bananas and strawberries.

 photo 3fb5ac7b-c45d-492b-81d2-893887e992bd_zps8b50354e.jpg

 photo f25c07c5-a19e-4c16-b43f-5192405093cd_zps2dd2556e.jpg      photo FullSizeRender-5_zpsfeac80d0.jpg

As my birthday present to her I took her to get her first – yes first ever – massage at a famous clinic in Beverly Hills.

After her massage we had a late lunch at her favorite restaurant “Boiling Crab”. Be got there early because the restaurant is so popular that even 30 min before they open there is always a min 30 min wait to get a table. To make sure we got a great table we went early. Our friend Red joined us.

 photo IMG_6487_zpse603fe20.jpg

 photo 73082291-ff86-4332-8d24-e82563a20b37_zps466ef36d.jpg
“The Boiling Crab” is a seafood restaurant and is a must try if you are in Los Angeles.

We surprised Ida with a little red velvet birthday cake 🙂

 photo 261c2d1a-dc74-4e5e-a913-7f5b83a79490_zps4794b503.jpg

Of course Albert Einstein were there too and he was looking all handsome for his favorite auntie Ida <3

 photo 73c66b8c-9165-4993-8758-d19cfa0612e7_zps65c78a1f.jpg


Saturday Night Out

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂 

It is my partner in crime’s birthday today Monday. Not only are we going to celebrate today, but we also had to celebrate this weekend. 

 photo dd2b6b01-706e-48ed-9c72-7c3641c8be5f_zps3612a8ee.jpg

First we went on a little shopping spree in Beverly Hills where we visited Kitson, Victoria Secret, LF Store where my furry child – who’s not only extremely housebroken (haven’t had an indoor accident in almost two years) but also extremely picky about where he poops and only poops once a day – literally pooped in the middle of a high end fashion store. Super awkward!! Normally he picks a private corner or area and then poops in private. Well this Saturday he chose a busy high end clothing store in the famous shopping area in Beverly Hills. Talk about being a diva! Thank goodness NO one saw it. Right when he sat down to poop my heart skipped a few beats! I totally panicked for a split second. Luckily he has a little purse where we keep poop bags so I had to pick it up quickly and then rush out the store before anyone start smelling his poop! LOL.

We got home pretty late so we grabbed a Subway sandwich on the way home. I felt so fat since I don’t really eat bread anymore. I decided to do some cardio before getting ready. I hate doing cardio, I think it’s such a bitch! Therefore I always do 15 min on each machine so I won’t get too bored. I did the stair masters, ran on the treadmill and then the elliptical. Booooorig. But definitely made me feel a lot better.

 photo FullSizeRender-4_zps5f32e69f.jpg

We went to two different spots first our favorite bar “The Dime” on Fairfax Ave. It’s cool little spot with a cool crowd where they always play hiphop music – which is our favorite music to party to. After, we met up with our friends at a bar called “The Hudson”.  

 photo bf9a29da-59fa-4f38-abcd-ef3b4e9f2326_zps4be1bf17.jpg

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My Favorite L.A. Café

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂

We decided to have lunch at one of our favorite cafés in Los Angeles. The café is located on 3rd street and is called “Toast“.  Toast is a really popular spot for breakfast/brunch on the weekends and lunch during the week. There is a saying that says “No matter what VIP event you attended the night before you still have to wait in line to get a table at Toast“. Which is true. On the weekends there can sometimes be 30 min wait for a table. The food is super delicious and very cheap so it’s difinetely worth the wait!

 photo FullSizeRender-7_zps89065b6e.jpg

The weather was awesome today! A beautiful, warm and sunny October day – I really do live in paradise. Since the weather was so good – we had lunch outside. Everything is good on the menu but if you have a chance to stop by you definitely need to try the “Lus” which is a panini with chicken, avocado, cheese and salsa and you difinetely need to try their fries they are sooooo unbelievably good.

 photo IMG_5792_zps07c1bfe0.jpg

Oh, and of course my furry child Albert was there too.
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Goodbye Chris

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂

My girl Christel has been visiting for two weeks and today she is returning to Copenhagen:( My partner in crime Ida, my furry child Albert and I took her to the airport after having lunch.

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Driving there was not too bad but getting back from the airport was horrible!!! Not only was it rush hour but Taylor Swift was doing a concert in Hollywood and there was a movie premiere – both right around my house. Because of both events major streets were blocked off which made traffic a million times worse. It took us extremely long to get back to my house. On top of that I worked out legs and butt yesterday with my trainer so my legs were very sore. Sitting in a car with a sore butt isn’t fun at all. So Christel, when you land and read this back in Copenhagen I’m expecting a long text saying thank you <3 Ha ha ha…

Here you guys can see how sad we where to say goodbye to Christel… 🙁

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Fall took a break from Los Angeles today and let summer back out. Therefore I brought out the bright summer colors. Don’t hate just because I live in paradise 😉
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Pool Day in Hollywood

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂

I’m such a summer girl. Nothing makes me happier than when the sun is shining. I love everything that comes with summer and sun. The food taste better, people look better, people are nicer, long days on the beach and by the pool. The fact that we still have pool days in October is a major reason why I love living in Los Angeles. The only time is gets cold – more like spring time cold – is in December and a little in January. Other than that there’s a pretty good chance of sunny days.

 photo IMG_6363_zps9a39e1cb.jpg
 photo IMG_6395_zps04930312.jpg

It’s my girl Christel’s last day before going back to Copenhagen therefore we decided to lay by the pool for a little before she’s returning to rainy ass Denmark.

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 photo FullSizeRender-12_zpse0925007.jpg

After trying to be cute and stuff I got stuck trying to get out of the life vest…. Looking cute is such a struggle lol!!!! #BlondeMoment

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