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Do you know those long ass days where you are too busy running around town, driving in your car all day and simply just don’t have a minute to grab something to eat. Unfortunately that happens a little too often for me. lol. My partner in crime Ida and I had one of those days this weekend. We were so busy running errands, shopping, returning some stuff that we forgot to eat. By dinner time we were so hungry!!!!!

I decided we should check out a fancy little sushi spot in Beverly Hills called Izaka-ya by Katsu-ya. The food is so delicious. The sushi is so fresh and taste so good. All the roles are freshly made and cut which you can taste.

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We ordered regular edamame and chili edamame just so we wouldn’t pass out while waiting on the rest of our food.

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My favorite roll here is “Popcorn Shrimp on a spicy tuna roll with soy paper“. I’m a big fan of sushi with soy paper. Everytime I get a roll with sea weed it always reminds me of old man feet walking on the beach. Don’t ask me why….

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Another really popular dish is their crispy rice with spicy tuna on top. So yummy.

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We also ordered a “Black Cod” with crispy delicious vegetables. This dish was so good. The fish was tasty without being too fishy.

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Since we had starved ourselves all damn day we agreed to share their popular Chocolate Lava cake with a scoop of green tea ice-cream. Not only am I obsessed with chocolate, my favorite cake is a chocolate lava cake. It’s a chocolate cake where the inside is melted warm dark chocolate. To die for! Literally!

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Even tho the food is amaze balls the restaurant is more casual and there is no issue walking in with sneakers on a friday night. The atmosphere is great and so is the staff. The prices are pretty decent – not super pricy but not in the cheaper end either. We payed around $40 each including beverages, desert, tip etc.

I highly recommend that you make reservation. We were lucky enough to get a table within 10 min of walking in. But Izaka-ya is vey popular so I normally always make reservations.

A little side note. This guy sat next to us at the restaurant. He was all over the damn place and it was really hard for me not to laugh. Throughout the entire dinner there was one minute where he didn’t move. He was constantly moving, eating, drinking, fixing his hair, fixing his clothes etc. This dude really needs to get his ADD under control… smh. I was so infatuated with how much he could do in so little time. Right before our desert came out I had to run to the bathroom to laugh. lol. Oh and if you read this, please brush your hair and take a shower. Thank you!

 photo eb4cee21-7cab-4511-b60a-ffdc83f10261_zps162cd793.jpg

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