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Not only did I decide what Halloween party to attend his weekend. I also found my Halloween costume!!! I have a major costume phobia. I think it’s really cute when kids dress up or my furry child for that matter. But I think it’s extremely uncomfortable when grown people wear costumes. The thought of a room full of grown ass people in costumes – come on that’s super weird riiiiight? Ha ha. How am I going interact and take someone serious  in a “Toy Story” outfit? Just saying.

Anyways, if I wan’t to participate in any Halloween activities I have to dress up. In Los Angeles a lof ofmany guys take Halloween as an opportunity to take off their shirts and girls to dress super slutty. I’m not a fan of the classic slutty bunny outfit or the classic slutty nurse costume. I wanted to come up with something a little bit more fun and different.

Yesterday I went on a little Halloween shopping spree and I found my costume!!! I’m not going to reveal it yet but here is a little preview.

Any thoughts of what I might dress up as?

 photo IMG_6525_zps692e6b2a.jpg

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