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Nick Jonas has taken over my life

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So I have a confession to make. The last couple of days my partner in crime Ida and I have   had one song on repeat – like on REPEAT; “Jealous by Nick Jonas”. Let me just say that neither of us have ever and will never be a fan of The Jonas Brothers but dang this song is so good! We both normally listen more to Hip Hop and Rap but this song is right now our favorite. Not only did he split from his two brothers, he also took of his purity ring and spiced it up a little. Which means he is not so corny anymore but actually looks really attractive and mature 🙂

It took me a lot of courage to share this information with y’all lol. But this song is literally being played 24/7 at the moment. It has gotten so bad that the other night Ida and I went out and we ended up sitting at the bar sharing my headphones just so we could listen to “Jealous by Nick Jonas”. Yes it’s bad! Do you think there is a rehab for Nick Jonas lovers? I mean it’s Los Angeles – you never know? 😉 ha ha ha…


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