Thanksgiving !!!!

Black Friday

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So after Thanksgiving comes Black Friday! Black Friday is a huge shopping day with great sales in most stores around America. You have probably heard a bunch a crazy stories and yes some people do go crazy especially when it comes electronic stores – they have cray sales starting at midnight.

We went to the famous mall called “The Beverly Center”. Thank goodness I had my mom with me – she is the best shopping partner. She always seems to understand the importance of having the same pair of shoes in multiple colors, or why it is important to buy a Victoria Secret bra for each day of the week – I mean I can’t wear the same one right? Lol.. I’m just joking but you get my point. Mama Zanne is the best shopping buddy.

Below you can see all the damage I did… Is it just me or does a picture like this warm your heart too? There’s nothing better when yu finally make it home and then go thru all your new goodies.

Curious to see what’s inside the bags? Stay tuned I’ll share it with y’all Monday 🙂 

IMG_7268.JPGJust a little side note – we did not make my furry child sit by the bags for the picture. He did it all by himself  ha ha..

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