I got robbed!!!!!

Likers, Lurkers and Lovers 🙂

……… but I robbed him back!

Well I was going to the gym last night – around 5.30pm –  in the heart of Hollywood. I pulled up to the gym and parked in a parking garage with security. I got out of the parking garage and crossed the street. I had my blue Python purse on my arm my furry child on the leash in the other hand. My furry child Albert was sniffing and he found something interesting so as the good mother I am, I stopped and let him explore a little. I was paying attention to my furry child Albert and making sure he didn’t find something that could harm him – and suddenly I felt someone squeezing my butt!!!!

I quickly turned around and I saw this hispanic dude who looked drugged out of his mind. I was about to get really mad but then he grabbed my purse and pulled it off my arm!!!! If you know me, you know I LOVE my shoes and purses – so somehow instead of getting scared I just grabbed my purse and pulled it out of his hand – Yes I robbed my purse right back to where it belongs. The guy was so shocked that he just ran away and I just hurried into the gym. I really don’t recommend doing this because let’s be honest he could’ve just pulled a gun on me or something. I mean, it’s America and a little bit more dangerous than little Denmark.

The best thing about it all was that my furry child wasn’t helping much instead he was just continuing to sniff an old poop. Lol.. #IStillLoveMyChild

I’m assuming I was in shock because it took me half of my work out to realize what had just happened and tell my trainer. I’m just blessed that nothing bad happened and I still have my purse!!! 😉

Even tho this happened to me I’m not scared of  walking around Hollywood. It can happen anywhere in the world. So I don’t want you guys to get the impression that I’m trying to scare you. Living in Hollywood you kinda of get use to seeing bums and weirdos and 90% of the times they never bother you 🙂 Again I’m just grateful that I had a guardian angel by my side.

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  • Line

    Hvorfor er det nødvendigt at nævne at han var hispanic?

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