New BEYONCE video

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Queen Bey is back! And I love it! 

Earlier today Beyonce released a new video “7/11” after the song was recently leaked. The video shows a new side of Beyonce. There’s a “home-made” kinda vibe to it as she’s dancing around her hotel suite in very chill and relaxed clothes – and she is actually wearing a white robe that is almost identically to my favorite robe lol (just a little side note). Anyways the video is super fun and I was obsessed after watching it once. Not only is she killing it with her dance routine she is also so likable and appears funny in the video. I’m really digging this new side of Beyonce.

Everyone knows of Beyonce but the public doesn’t really know anything about her. She is a very private person when it comes to her private life/family life but this video makes you feel like you are chilling with her and goofing around in her hotel suite as one of her friends.

Even tho the video is less glamorous than we normally see Queen Bey – she still looks flawless! And her body is on point – she is totally outdoing everyone in the game! So Kim K, Iggy and Jlo can put their ass’ back in their pants – Beyonce got this one 😉

 Oh and her hair is amazing! Can this woman ever look anything but hot?! 

Take a look and tell me what you think 🙂

Watermelon Love

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂

My furry child Alberts’s best friend Obie is finally back in Los Angeles. He went on a family trip with his mommy and daddy and he got to experience snow for the first time 🙂

Well we invited him over this morning so Albert and Obie could catch up. The perks of living in Los Angeles is that fruits are never out of season so what better way to greet him than with his favorite fruit water melon 🙂

Most of their “catching up” consist of humping each other, running back and forth between the living room and my bedroom, Obie chewing on all Albert’s toys and then passing them on to him. Oh and of course sitting in front of the kitchen cabin where I keep all the dog treats… in hopes that I give in and give them each a treat…. 😉


Nick Jonas has taken over my life

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂

So I have a confession to make. The last couple of days my partner in crime Ida and I have   had one song on repeat – like on REPEAT; “Jealous by Nick Jonas”. Let me just say that neither of us have ever and will never be a fan of The Jonas Brothers but dang this song is so good! We both normally listen more to Hip Hop and Rap but this song is right now our favorite. Not only did he split from his two brothers, he also took of his purity ring and spiced it up a little. Which means he is not so corny anymore but actually looks really attractive and mature 🙂

It took me a lot of courage to share this information with y’all lol. But this song is literally being played 24/7 at the moment. It has gotten so bad that the other night Ida and I went out and we ended up sitting at the bar sharing my headphones just so we could listen to “Jealous by Nick Jonas”. Yes it’s bad! Do you think there is a rehab for Nick Jonas lovers? I mean it’s Los Angeles – you never know? 😉 ha ha ha…


Vocal Session – Studio Time

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂 

Not only am I in the process of editing my two music videos but I’m still working on new music and always bettering my craft. Today I went to work with my  vocal coach and vocal producer Nick Cooper. Not only is Nick Cooper an amazing person but he is also a musical genius and has worked with Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Pia Mia, Zendaya, Katy Perry, Ciara, John Legend, been on American Idol and many many more. He is amazing and the two-three years I’ve worked with him he has pushed me and taught me so much.

 photo photo3-3_zps5c06bcb2.jpg photo photo4-4_zpsb50de557.jpg

Right now we are working on flipping a popular hip hop song and making it into a pop song with a girly twist. The process of making a song isn’t as fast and easy as many people think. First I had to learn the song, then re-arrange the track, re-arrange the notes, rehearse, record etc. So the process is a little bit longer than most people think : Working with him is very exciting and I’m very much looking forward to hearing he final product 🙂 

 photo 9902a2e1-1a46-48ee-970b-b4e6c845bd52_zpsa230da08.jpg

 photo photo2-6_zps218cf011.jpg

 photo photo1-5_zps05928cd8.jpg

 photo 2d8772b6-302f-4d36-bd0e-9c5c76983356_zps67ad37d0.jpg

 photo IMG_7049_zpsd0d45205.jpg

Lights. Camera. Action.

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂 

Lights. Camera. Action….. Recently I was contacted by RockStar Ent. which is a big entertainment company that mainly focuses on the music industry. They are doing a documentary/film: Road to The Riches, about the music industry with executives & talent from UniversalCapitalDef JamEMIASCAPKiss FM, the Grammy Association etc and they wanted me to be part of it as well. They wanted me to share my story as an independent recording artist, the up’s and down’s and give good advices to people who wants to pursue their dreams in the music industry.

It sounded really interesting and I’m all about sharing my experiences and possibly give other people the courage to follow their dreams – so I decided to do it.

 photo FullSizeRender-38_zpsc225716f.jpg

It was being filmed at the famous Centerstaging where they rehearse for major award shows like The Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, MTV award shows etc. Furthermore mod major artist uses the studio to rehearse for their world tours and other big live performances. I felt very honored to be able to walk the hallways and work in a studio where the biggest artist work as well;  Jay-Z, Drake, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga etc. 

In the waiting lounge there was a huge stone where they get all the artist to sign their name- and they asked me too 😉 Yay. #DontHate #Lol

 photo IMG_6951_zps3e17de12.jpg

 photo IMG_7040_zpsb63303d4.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender-37_zps3a406330.jpg

At first I was a little nervous but thank goodness I had my partner in crime Ida with me to calm my nerves. Also the crew at Rockstar Ent. were all so nice. They made me feel very comfortable and it was such a good time.
 photo IMG_6998_zps78e1603a.jpg

 photo IMG_6992_zps15bc8f4f.jpg

 photo IMG_6989_zps5be97475.jpg

 photo IMG_6967_zps748c271c.jpg

Going into things like these I always get a million butterflies in my stomach and I always have to pee sooooo bad – but as soon as the lights are on I just feel so comfortable and relaxed. My adrenaline is on fire even an after leaving the shoot lol #CameraWhore #lol 😉

The crew at Rockstar Ent. were really happy with my performance so I’m very excited to see the finish result. I will definitely keep y’all posted and share the documentary/film on the blog:) 

 photo IMG_7044_zpsbc397972.jpg

 photo IMG_7043_zps56630d53.jpg