#ThrowbackThursday - Thanksgiving '13

Thanksgiving !!!!

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂 

I’m officially no longer full from Thanksgiving. Two days has passed and I’m slowly starting to feel hungry again. Lol.. The food was beyond delicious! I wish I could explain to you what I ate – but honestly it all looks like mashed potatoes in different colors and then a slice of ham and turkey 😉 Besides mashed potatoes and the ham and turkey, I remember names like stuffing, jams, mac’n cheese, pumpkin ginger bread triffle… and that’s about it. Forgot what the rest was called lol.

Here’s my first plate:
 photo photo-5_zpsc2d4e4f1.jpg

Not only did the food taste so delicious there was also so plenty food – so it was hard to just eat a little since you had to try it all and then get some more of our favorites;)

 photo IMG_7262_zps33a02e5d.jpg

 photo IMG_7271_zpsbd7d2380.jpg

 photo IMG_7272_zps2b71f9d2.jpg

 photo IMG_7273_zpsad39fa8f.jpg

The family we visited had the cutest little son, Gabrielehe is two years old and such a bossy little dude and really funny. He gave us kisses all night and he was obsessed with my furry child Albert. When we were done eating he feed Albert small pieces of ham and turkey 🙂 As you can guess my furry child wasn’t complaining at all…. #HeLovesHisMeat

 photo FullSizeRender-46_zpse62ec661.jpg photo FullSizeRender-45_zps43c6038f.jpg

Of course my furry child was dressed for the occasion as well 🙂 He looked so handsome in his white and blue tuxedo shirt 🙂 He actually got this shirt when he modeled for the company “Glamorous Dog” here in Los Angeles.
 photo FullSizeRender-44_zps7a3f5d9b.jpg

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#ThrowbackThursday - Thanksgiving '13