Mama Zanne is back!

 photo FullSizeRender-41_zpse3bb2dc3.jpgLikers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂 

Guess who’s back!!! MAMA-ZANNE …. Yaaay!!! I’m so excited to have her back for the holidays. She was suppose to land tonight at 6.30pm. I was at home editing the upcoming #ThrowbackThursday video as I received a message saying “I’m here” – paaaanic…. Mama-Zanne landed two hours early. We had to stop working immediately, get dressed and in Albert’s case stop chewing and sucking on his new green toy and head to the airport.

Luckily it took Mama-Zanne awhile to get thru security so we got there right when she walked out of the terminal. #ThankGoodnessForNoWaiting lol… 😉

 photo FullSizeRender-42_zps2abfc88d.jpgBoth my furry child and I was so happy to have her back in town. Albert immediately recognized her and got all excited for a few minutes before returning to his “I’m overly obsessed with my mommy” syndrome 😉

My partner in crime Ida and I had to meet up with the director and editor of my music videos to finish the last details so unfortunately we didn’t get time to hang out with Mama-Zanne. I’m assuming she is really jet lagged so she’s probably heading straight to bed anyway 😉

Of course Mama-Zanne and I wore the same black leather boots with studs… Guess great minds think alike 😉 

 photo FullSizeRender-43_zpsba56b2db.jpgI reaaaaaally love these biker boots because of the gold details. I feel like so many biker boots always have silver details and I rarely wear silver so I love al biker boots with gold details. We bought ours last year in Beverly Hills but I found another really cool pair also with GOLD details.

Check them out here:

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