Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂 

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It’s been really cold here in Los Angeles the last couple of days – much colder than normally. Mama-Zanne and I both got a really bad cold; sneezing, running nose, blocked nose, dry eyes, swollen etc etc… #Annoying 

I worked out with my trainer this morning which I probably shouldn’t have because I feel much worse now. Have you guys ever tried to work out with a one nostril being blocked and the other nostril running faster than a track runner….. There’s no winning it’s just so damn annoying ha ha. It makes the work out so much harder and I don’t recommend it.

Earlier this morning I had my furry child on my lap and by accident I sneezed so hard on him not just once but five times in a row so I’m pretty sure he’s going to be sick too ha ha 🙂

Oh and the bags under my eyes are Chanel so #NoHate please. Ha ha just kidding. When I saw this picture I was shocked about the bags myself like whoa!!!! So I apologize for the way I look this cold really have me whooped.

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Art Show w/ Mama-Zanne

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂

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Over Christmas we all went to an art show in Silver Lake – the artsy part of Los Angeles. It was my longtime friend and photographer Jesse DeYoung who was showing some of his beautiful pieces. Jesse was my first friend here in Los Angeles and before he became a professional photographer he was practicing taking pictures on me 🙂 Therefore I was really excited to see his art show and really proud of him too. photo IMG_8861_zps4de7110b.jpg

Here I am with the awesome photographer Jesse DeYoung (@JesseDeYoung)  photo IMG_8860_zpsee6d9c6a.jpg

Even when Jesse is showing of his work he still manage to snap a few candids of me…. He is natural.

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Here is some of my favorite pieces of the night 🙂

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We all know how much I LOVE chocolate and these star cookies covered in chocolate were bomb! Definitely had too many of those. Ha ha #ILoveChocolate 

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Of course Mama-Zanne found her way over to the clothes and immediately start shopping!!! At least I know where I get my shopping gene from……. Ha ha 😉 #ShopAholics photo FullSizeRender-85_zpsb3d37102.jpg

My partner in crime Ida and I working on our selfie game 😉 (@IdaDuelund) photo FullSizeRender-83_zps181c3773.jpg

Don’t you think my Mama-Zanne look so pretty here? I think so 🙂
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My wonderful Christmas

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂

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I had the most wonderful and fun Christmas eve this year even though I had to spend it without my sister and the rest of my lovely family because they are back in Denmark. Christmas is a major thing in Denmark and our family really value traditions and love decorating etc. We decided to invite three of our close L.A. friends Jesse, Shay & Red over and show them how we do Christmas in Denmark – which is very different from the American way. Take a look at all the fun pictures 🙂

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Merry Christmas

What’s Christmas without your best friend? Here is my furry child Albert Einstein playing Santa and delivering his BFF his Christmas present


I’m going thru all the pictures from Christmas so stay tuned I’ll post in a little 🙂