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It’s been really cold here in Los Angeles the last couple of days – much colder than normally. Mama-Zanne and I both got a really bad cold; sneezing, running nose, blocked nose, dry eyes, swollen etc etc… #Annoying 

I worked out with my trainer this morning which I probably shouldn’t have because I feel much worse now. Have you guys ever tried to work out with a one nostril being blocked and the other nostril running faster than a track runner….. There’s no winning it’s just so damn annoying ha ha. It makes the work out so much harder and I don’t recommend it.

Earlier this morning I had my furry child on my lap and by accident I sneezed so hard on him not just once but five times in a row so I’m pretty sure he’s going to be sick too ha ha 🙂

Oh and the bags under my eyes are Chanel so #NoHate please. Ha ha just kidding. When I saw this picture I was shocked about the bags myself like whoa!!!! So I apologize for the way I look this cold really have me whooped.

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