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I’m no longer able to mix my darker summer-time Mineral powder with my lighter winter-time mineral powder, which means it’s officially winter time in Los Angeles lol. #WhiteGirlProblem 

Not only have I lost my tan – the temperature isn’t as high anymore which means time to  put my summer dresses and shorts to rest for the next 1-2 months and start wearing warmer clothes. One of my favorite winter items is my leopard bomber jacket from Forever 21. I bought it last year here in Los Angeles on sale for $19.99 !!!!! Not only does it keep me warm I also feel so cool wearing it. Ha ha. Corny I know.. .. I love that it has print and it goes perfectly together with my mostly black winter wardrobe.

Since I’m so obsessed with it I’ve been looking to add a new bomber jacket to my closet….. hint hint Mama-Zanne…. This could be a good Christmas present….. 😉 Here’s my favorites so far what do you guys think? 
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1. Asos Black Embellished, Buy here:

2. Adidas Original Camo: Buy here:

3. Jaded London, Buy here:

4. Ganni Leopard, Buy here:

5. Adidas Original Butterfly, Buy here:

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