Cheat Day

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I’ve been in the studio all day with the director of my music videos editing the final touches on both music videos. Therefore I didn’t get a chance to eat and as a result I was starving when we were done…. All I was craving was In-n-Out!!!! The best fast food place in California – like it’s unbelievable. There is always a long ass line of cars to the drive-thru, but it is worth the wait, I promise!!!! Since Sunday is my cheat day I figured I’d go for it.

 photo d8c7cb24-9af8-45a0-942b-a59385d444f6_zps4c1dcfcd.jpg

They use freshly cut lettuce, tomatoes and onions which makes it waaaay better than a sloppy old McDonald’s burger. FYI their strawberry milkshakes are the bomb too – you just can’t have that AND the burger – you’ll O.D on fast food and possibly throw up lol.

If you’re ever in California I highly recommend you try In-n-Out! 


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