Christmas Presents

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Christmas is just around the corner and I’m excited!!!!!! I’m so excited about the food, giving out presents particularly one for Mama-Zanne – she has no idea abut this one!!! I’m also super excited about getting presents!!! I know that I’m 23 years old and shouldn’t be that excited and I definitely shouldn’t admitting to be but I AM! Mama-Zanne gives the beeeeeest Christmas so I’m really stoked. Of course Christmas isn’t only about the presents but come on presents are awesome and being able to sit with your family opening presents sounds amazing to me 🙂

We all know how much kids love their Christmas presents too(I still haven’t grown out of the face yet) and how much they mean to them. Below is a funny video that shows what happens when kids get a terrible present. It’s a yearly prank Jimmy Kimmel does and it’s hysterical. Take a look 🙂 Btw, have anyone seen the one from this year????




Oh Sh!t…. I mean poop

Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂

Today I was walking back home from the gym with my furry child Albert and my trainer. Mama-Zanne was using the car all day so I thought it was going to be nice with a little extra walk to and after my work out session. That quickly changed!

To get back to my house from the gym I have to walk on one of the busiest streets in Hollywood which is Hollywood Blvd right where the famous walk of fame is with all the stars, The Chinese theater, The Kodak Theater , basically the heart of tourism in Hollywood. There’s also a lot of traffic especially around the holidays.

As we are walking we are getting ready to cross the street and cars from each direction stop and let us pass. Suddenly I feel Albert’s lease tighten up and as I’m walking I naturally pulled his lease. That’s when I turn around and saw my furry child pooping right in the middle of the street! Oh sh!t!!!! Paaaaaanick. My trainer Mario has already made it to the other side so I yelled at him come help but he was already too busy laughing.

Not only do I have Albert on the lease, I’m drinking a protein shake, I got my purse on my shoulder all while I’m tying to get a plastic bag out to pick up his poop. Albert is happily trying to continue our walk while I’m sweating and panicking trying to get this stupid plastic bag out. Of course more cars pull up behind the other cars. The drivers in the front can see what is happening so they start laughing while the ones in the back are expressing their frustrations thru honking!!! #Awesome

Let me tell you this – I LOVE my furry child more than I love life, but dang I wish I could disappear right when it happened. It was so awkward and not like I could just walk away. Everyone had seen Albert deliver that poop – so as the owner there was no way around it!

After, what felt like forever, I got the poop picked up and we made it to the other side. Now on the other side I’m all sweaty, my trainer is laughing his butt off, I’m standing with a smelly poop in a plastic bag that has completely ruined my delicious strawberry and banana protein shake. What an awesome walk. Then I see Albert’s adorable face and I realize I would do it all over again because he is just too damn cute.. I love this little bastard so much. He is such a great companion – even when he poops in public……. 😉

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Nicki Minaj Break up

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Breakups mostly always sucks! Especially if you have been with that other person for a while. You get use to the routine of being together. Sometimes the hardest thing in a breakup is the fact that you loose someone you spend most of your time with. You loose that person you call first when something bad or amazing happens in your life. You loose a best friend. You’ll catch yourself in wanting to send a funny snap chat to that person or wanting to share a funny story – but you can’t. And the worst part is when you have to see them continue living their lives on social media without you!!! #SucksBigTime

If you think all the above is hard imagine breaking up with a celebrity! Not only is media all over your thing. Everyone and their mother has an opinion! No matter where you turn you see or hear your ex. Rapper Nicki Minaj recently broke up with her boyfriend Safaree Samuels (not sure if it’s being pronounced “Safari” – but that would be hilarious) . TMZ caught him out and was asking about the break up and he said the hardest thing was to see her everywhere you turn! I can only imagine how hard that must be – while you are trying to move on, everywhere you turn you see your ex! To read the full story and see the video LOOK here:
 photo nicki-minaj-set-to-secretly-marry-safaree-rumor-0228-3-2_zpsc60394fe.png

With that being said when you break up with your ex let that person move on. Especially if your ex has moved on and is seeing someone else – stay out of it! There’s nothing worse than an ex trying to sneak her/his way back in. Just because it didn’t work out for you don’t ruin it for someone else. And remember if you guys broke up you, you have no reason to get mad or can’t feel entitled to feel some type of way when your ex moves on.


Christmas Charity w/ CEELO GREEN

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I love doing charity work and support different charity organizations. This weekend it was “Toys For Tots” presented by Roadstarr Motorspots who sells luxury cars to celebrities and hosted by Actor Wilmer Valderrama and Columbus Short from the hit show Scandal. The event was to collect toys for families in need this Christmas so everyone was required to bring toys.

Different celebrities popped up including mega star Ceelo Green. He brought his little dog Harrison Zulander who happened to wear a shirt from the company my furry child Albert Einstein models for. I start chatting with him and his wife Shani and hung out with them for a little at their table. They were super cool and we might try to get my furry child Albert and their Harrison Zulander on a project together 🙂

 photo IMG_8792_zps2a857e27.jpg

Here I am with actor Columbus Short from the show Scandal. He was also super friendly.

 photo FullSizeRender-4_zps86502ae1.jpg

We ended up collecting a lot of toys. My partner in crime Ida and I donated a “pretend to play kitchen” set, a Frozen doll and some Spiderman gear for the boys.
 photo FullSizeRender-6_zps4e010d5d.jpg

The event was also sponsor by Nicki Minaj’s liquor line Myx.
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 photo IMG_8791_zpsec2d7dc2.jpg

 photo IMG_8790_zps42629c65.jpg

The theme of the party was Winter Wonderland – it looked really cute oh and the cupcakes were yummy 😉

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Here is a few pictures of the red carpet covered by different Hollywood reporters and bloggers.

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