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RIP to Instagram Followers

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It’s official99% of all the fake profiles are off Instagram – which means a lot of people are loosing followers and those who bought their followers not only lost their “fake fame” but also their money…. #Sucks #ISeeYou 

I also lost a few followers – NOT because I bought mine – because of fake followers and spam such as “webcam girls etc”. But I bet some of you people must feel so stupid right now looking at your followers dropping drastically.

Instagram is a funny thing. I think it’s the best and worst thing that happened to our generation. The best, because it’s giving so many people a business opportunity and an opportunity to start new ventures and reach a new group of people. It’s giving artists a platform to reach out to their followers and establish a new relationship with their fans.

On the other hand, Instagram is also breaking up a lot of relationships, whether its just friendships or love relationships. Guys are being exposed to pretty girls all the time (a lot of them photoshop their pictures and aren’t real FYI). Also some people think Instagram is a platform for them to bash other people and celebrities – which it shouldn’t be. Kids are being bullied and girls are taking their clothes off for free smh.

Don’t get me wrong I still use Instagram and think it’s a great platform for certain things but I’m not blind to the damage it is also causing.

Anyway, I would be very happy if you guys would support me on my Instagram here: Apparently everything is based on “How many instagram followers you have” so help me be one of the cool kids 😉 ha ha ha ….. I’ll like back 🙂 

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