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Side Bitch Issues & S’mores

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My friend Brandon was in town to record and work with my favorite Danish artist Lukas Graham therefore we decided to grab lunch. Lunch was fun but most importantly my partner in crime Ida, Brandon and I all had our first s’mores ever:)

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S’mores is an American “dessert” type of thing. First you hold your marshmallow over the fire till it’s soft – not burned just soft lol of course I burned mine… Then you put it on top of a piece of chocolate and then between two crackers. Im such a crazy chocolate lover so of course I liked it ha ha. Anything with chocolate and it’s a guarantee that I like it 🙂

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It’ gets a little messy when you start eating it since the marshmallow gets really sticky.

Later that evening we went to the studio to hang out, hear Lukas record and celebrate Brandon’s birthday. It was such a fun night chilling and listening to good music 🙂

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Brandon showed me his newest video “Side Bitch Issues” and I totally love it!! The main chick in the video is actually a girl I know here in L.A. super random. The world is such a small place sometimes. But check out the song here:

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