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December can be such a crazy month with Christmas coming up, getting together with your family, buying presents, decorating etc. For me, the last couple of December’s been about if I should and could go back home to celebrate Christmas with my family or not. In my family Christmas is a huge thing and we all get together to celebrate, eat good food and enjoy each others company. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to go back home the last couple of Christmas’ 🙁 Luckily my Mama-Zanne has been celebrating with me out here in Los Angeles – and of course my furry child Albert too.

Two weeks ago I went to hear a spiritual leader speak, and she talked about how to avoid a stressful Christmas month and instead being grateful for what we have. She talked about not letting other people’s “Christmas shopping stress” and bad moods get to you. Don’t let the pressure of how a “perfect” Christmas should look like screw up what Christmas really looks like at your house with your loved ones.

Instead of dwelling on the pressure of buying the perfect gifts, expectations to throw the best Christmas and the stress of overspending – take control of your life and be happy. Be positive and embrace all the many things that we are blessed with – and you’ll realize how rich you really are. 

The spiritual leader encouraged us all to start a “Gratitude List” and every day write down one thing we are grateful for. Small or big – it doesn’t matter – as long as it’s something that you are grateful for. I decided to start mine the 1st of December. At first I was like, mmmmm…. I don’t know what to write. All these major things was running thru my head and I must admit it was really hard to pick one. After a little I just decided to write the first thing that came to my mind. It isn’t anything expensive and it might not really matter to anyone else – but personally I’m so grateful for this little creature. And I wrote: Albert Einstein…. <3 

Here is my gratitude list so far (I’m adding a new thing every day of the month) – and I’m strongly encouraging all of you to start one too 🙂 You’ll be surprised how rich you are 🙂

1. Albert – 2. My courage to follow my dreams – 3. Living in Los Angeles – 4. Rent – yes you read it right ha ha. Because “rent” means that I have a beautiful place to live and a lot of people don’t –           5. That it stopped raining in L.A. 

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