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Booty work out #FitnessFriday

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A lot of you have been asking how I stay in shape. As I’ve mentioned before I try to stay on a protein diet such as poultry, fish, meat, vegetables, fruits and shakes. Working out is also a big part of my life. I try to get 4-5 HARD work outs in every week – 3 with my personal trainer and then I do cardio on my own.

Since it’s #FitnessFriday I want to share with you a short video of three great BOOTY exercises. 

  • First exercise I do 10 reps 3 times on each leg with 5 lbs ankle weights. Remember to keep your butt lifted the entire time and keep the leg your are raising straight.
  • Second exercise I do 10 reps 3 times with 50 lbs with no break. Remember to suck in your stomach.
  • Third exercise is a squat with a 15 lbs medicine ball. I do 20 reps 3 times. Remember to stay LOW so you can really feel the burn.


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