Surgery again :(

Can’t fool us no more Kylie Jenner

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First of all I know I’ve posted about Kylie Jenner’s lips before but come on – she needs to just own up to having her lips done already. See before and after pictures of Kylie Jenner’s lips here HERE!

Yesterday she posted this “All natural – no make up – no weave” picture to her Instagram account and it’s obvious that her lips are NOT natural at all. She’s claiming her new voluptuous lips are due to her great make up skills and great lipliner and refuses to have had worked done….. Mmmmm….

I very much think this picture is a proof of a great plastic surgeon 😉 Sorry Kylie, you are not fooling us anymore 😉 I’m still really considering setting up a consultation with her “plastic fantastic” doctor to see what he has to offer.

I found the doctor Kylie Jenner visited  –  click HERE!!!

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Surgery again :(