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First School day #Throwbackthursday

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It’s #ThrowbackThursday so I’m throwing it back to my first day of school. Or to be specific the day before my first day of school. Mama-Zanne and I went to Copenhagen to pick up my first pink school bag – Oh how I loved it! As we were almost home I wanted to go back to Copenhagen to show my grandparents my new bag and I wanted my granddad to take pictures of my beautiful bag. We were 30 min away from my grandparents house and only 10 min away from home. Mama-Zanne heard the importance in my voice and saw how serious I was when I said my granddad had to take pictures so we turned the car around and went to my grandparents house. #AwesomeMom #NotSpoiled 😉

Here’s two of the pictures – cute right!!!! ha ha #NOT

 photo IMG_8724_zpsc3f3178a.png

I want to point out this beautiful outfit I picked out myself for this special occasion. Not only is my leggins sagging like crazy, pay attention to how everything is color coordinated – even the socks.

My sandals with the little platform is from the limited “Spice Girls” collection. I’m sure you all remember Spice Girls. These sandals were from the “Baby-Spice” (Emma) collection. They were very limited so we had to travel to London to buy the whole collection. I was obsessed with Emma/Baby Spice so when Mama-Zanne took me to London to buy the collection I almost passed out. It was probably one of the best trips in my life 🙂 ha ha. Oh and I’m only 5 years old here.

I  photo IMG_8725_zps9245b0c2.png

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