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Does Kylie Jenner have Fake lips?

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Did Kylie Jenner have lip injections? Over the last year many have speculated over Kylie Jenner’s sudden full and voluptuous lips. She started to post selflies on her Instagram with lips that were unrecognizable and had people and her fans asking if she had had lip injections.

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In the next Cosmopolitan she’s not only on the front page she’s also denying to have had any work done – and blames her voluptuous lips on make up – especially lip liner!!!! HA! Don’t get me wrong I don’t have an opinion on whether getting work done or not is right or wrong but this case is just dumb and so obvious and I just want to know who her doctor is hahaha….;)

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Being a dancer, doing tons of shows and worked with some of the best make up artists I know what make up can do. I know a lot of small tricks and I know about “The famous Kim Kardashian”conturing. But for Kylie Jenner to blame her bigger lips on “lip lining” is so ridiculous. Over lining your lips doesn’t make them protrude from the side of your face as they do on Kylie Jenner. I also know that your face can change as you get older but typically your lips get thinner with age – not super voluptuous……..

It wouldn’t come as such a surprise if she had followed the footsteps of her family and had work done. Her older sisters Kim & Kourtney Kardashian, her mother Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner is all very open about their procedures. I really think Kylie Jenner should just be honest and let us know what doctor she used – because I actually think he did a pretty decent job compared to a lot of other celebrities here in Los Angeles. 😉 So whether it’s botox, restylane, non-permanent procedure etc please share how to get these lips. I’m sure aaaaaaa lot of people are interested in that information  Ha ha:)

So what do you guys think? Is it all “over-lip-lining” or has Kylie Jenner had work done?????  

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