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First of all sorry for my language but you know one of those things that just makes you go; ouch, shit, fuck, more ouch, more shit, more fuck…. Yea well that’s the feeling I had today. I was cleaning the kitchen counter and I hit the wall with my finger or my fingernail hit the wall and half of my nail broke off!!! #LongNailProblems 


Unfortunately I was busy all day so I had to wait till right before closing time to go to my nail salon to get it fixed.

Getting my nail fixed were actually way more painful than half of my nail breaking off. Now they had to some how get the other half off and THAT hurt. When my sweet nail lady finally got it off she now had to file it and put a layer of acrylic to make the nail stronger….. Ouch.

My nail lady is awesome not only did they fix it they didn’t even charge me 🙂 yay!!

Moral of the story hire a cleaning lady ha ha 😉 Jus Kidding – or at least sort of …..

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