10 things you didn’t know about me

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1. I go to church every Sunday and I absolutely freaking love it!

2. I don’t have a type when it comes to men I just love them tall – like really tall! But then again my ex was short?! Conclusion I don’t have a type…..

3. Sleeping in more than underwear makes me so claustrophobic. I feel like I can’t toss and turn as I please which makes me nuts.

4. I’m one of the ugliest sleepers ever because I always and I mean always sleep with my mouth open. I always feel like my noise is a little blocked – just like when you are coming off a cold – which limits me from breathing freely thru my noise and causes me to be an ugly sleeper ha ha 😉

5. I’m terrified of heights and that’s probably why God created me to be short I’m assuming.

6. I’m a sucker for American Reality TV such as The Kardashians, The Real housewives of any city etc. It’s embarrassing, I shouldn’t watch it and I difenetely shouldn’t admit that I watch it – but I DO!

7. I was extremely terrified of dogs my entire life until I got my furry child Albert Einstein 🙂 And now I’m the epidemic of a dog lover…

8. Man thighs grosses me out. Like it’s the most disgusting thing ever and makes me puke over and over again. Obviously I prefer my guy to have thighs but ugh seeing hairy thighs freaks the shit out of me.

9. I don’t care for anything outdoorsy except for tanning or being at the beach but just for the tanning part lol….

10. As a kid I was the “Drum Major / Field Commander” (leader of a marching band) for 2-3 years. I was the youngest in the crew and loved the job of yelling commands and be a bossy leader.


Likers, Lurkers & Lovers 🙂 

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I <3 everything on sale and I also love light jackets/coats so I’m sharing the ones I have my eyes on right now. Like most people I already have a bunch of dark leather jackets and jackets so I’m looking for something different. I love these colors <3 Not only can I match them with other colors but they also go well with a black outfit.

Mmmm….. I don’t know which ones I like the most… Mmm… Maybe I need to buy more than one I mean they are all on sale so why not?! What do you guys think?

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1. Here / 2. Here / 3. Here / 4. Here / 5. Here

Balls on the runway?!

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Warning….. Penis ahead….

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Fashion designer Rick Owens sent several models down the runway at Fashion week in Paris – with their balls or more hanging out. The models walked the runway with obvious crotch holes in the clothes and no undies. I’m not sure how this has anything to do with fashion – to me it looks bizarre. Don’t get me wrong I love me some good eye-candy and we all like a “good package” but let me at least pick the “packages” I want to see. Lol.

 photo Rick-Owens-penis-show-Garticle4_zps6k78elco.jpg

Hopefully the only trend this starts is the #FreeThePenis hashtag. Like, this goth-full-frontal-balls-hangin- out look is NOT working for me on or off the runway. Ew. And when did it become popular for men to go without boxers? Is it even comfortable to walk around with it all dangling around?!

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Bye Bye Bieber

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There has been rumors that Selena Gomez finally moved on from batboy Justin Bieber and has fun herself a new boo – Dj Zedd (worked with Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Black Eyed Peas, Ariana Grande etc).

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 photo Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.31.14_zpsihxhk6vm.png

Lately the two of  them have been posting pictures to their Instagram accounts hinting a possible romance. Finally yesterday Selena Gomez posted a super PDA-filled picture with Zedd in an elevator to her Instagram account with the caption: #Hint 2 #IwantYouToKnow …… Mmm…. Romance much;)

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I’m totally loving this and I’m so happy for Selena. She looks so happy! Don’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE Bieber #Belieber – but I feel like Selena Gomez was caught up in one of those romances there’s just bad for her. We have all been there – we have all been madly in love with a bad boy that we just couldn’t let go off. Caught up in a never ending circle of love and lies… Then some more love and more lies…

But Oh boy does it feel good when you are finally letting go and you are over it and moved on. So Selena, go for it you are such a talented and beautiful girl and you deserve to be treated right and be happy 🙂

Check out Selena Gomez’ current radio hit  “The Heart wants what it wants” – it’s very relatable and I’m really digging it. And I’m pretty sure it’s written about a certain Mr. Bieber…. 😉

Babes who Brunch

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Today we had brunch at Sage in Culver City for my beautiful friend Imani’s birthday (the hottie with he white hat). Not only are these ladies stunning they were also so sweet. Imani put us all together because she knew we could all benefit from each other not only career wise but also would get along. Time was flying and it was so inspiring meeting these babes – we are definitely al meeting up again.

 photo photo 1_zpslpmiiqay.jpgHAPPY BIRTHDAY <3 🙂 


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Sage is a vegan organic restaurant – and obviously they don’t serve meat, fish etc which is mostly what I eat so I had to try something new 🙂 I had a strawberry, banana, blueberry and almond milk smoothie and vegan potato hard shell tacos with  rice and green beans (See below).

 photo 8f94ace2-ee2d-4874-9d2c-628fcf6d5e9d_zps9bglgrge.jpg

I can’t eat anything spicy but everyone at the table were loving these spicy BBQ cauliflowers and they highly recommended them at the restaurant as well 🙂

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Of course a vegan organic restaurant would have a tractor by the entrance ha ha. Even tho Sage is a vegan restaurant they have plenty of different fun options like pizza, pancakes, french toast, salads, dumplings etc – and it’s all vegan, healthy and tasted good!

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