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I’ve said it before – don’t believe everything you see on Instagram. Filters, app’s, photoshop etc makes it so easy to look “perfect” – or at least make you look nothing like you do in real life… It’s actually easier to retouch a picture on your phone than doing it is on a computer. Unfortunately SO many people on Instagram uses these “retouching” app’s to look a little better. Remember when I shared my own experience with being a victim of a little “Instagram retouching”? Well if not look here!

The last couple of days this collage of Amber Rose has been circling around on social media and it’s obvious that she uses a little help before sharing her pictures with the social media world.

   photo FullSizeRender_zpsv3hje18p.jpg

On the left side Amber Rose was spotted in Miami at the beach. On the right side is the picture she posted of herself in Miami three days after. It’s easy to see the huge difference, thighs are thicker, her face is thicker, her waist is obviously not as tiny, her knees look fatter and the list goes on. The only thing these two pictures have in common is the short blonde hair do. 

I’m not saying that girls and women have to look a certain way. Personally I could care less about the size of Amber Rose. What I’m addressing is the new trend of “retouching” your pictures before posting them on social media.

Girls stop with the false advertisement. Be proud of what you look like and embrace it and if you don’t like the way you look go to the gym, eat healthy and make a lifestyle change. Please just stop the whole “retouching” thing – it’s not cute. Oh and using a good filter is different than changing your body shape…… #ILoveAGoodFilter 😉

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