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 A lot of people has been asking me how I’ve lost weight and what I eat. This is my favorite skinny girl breakfast. Not only is it rich in proteins it’s also really yummy and fast to make.

I’m not good at eating salads and vegetables only – I know Mama-Zanne is not going to be happy to hear this lol. Therefore to loose weight I try to eat a lot of protein. I basically only eat meat, chicken, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruit and sometimes add rice – and mostly just drink water 🙂 Oh and I eat chocolate EVERY DAY – can’t survive a day without it.

To keep it interesting I always add at least three different things to my plate for each meal. Here is what I had for breakfast today.

Two scrambled eggs – Turkey bacon – blueberries – Strawberry 

  photo de3ab248-dd55-44e0-a828-aded2aed7c8b_zpsbc1f7076.jpg

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