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Steal the look: Denim & Gold

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Denim is a timeless trend and I absolutely love denim whether it’s shorts, jackets, shirts, jeans or vests. Today I’m focusing on my favorite denim item Denim shirts 🙂

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Personally I think a denim shirt is a must have and it’s so wearable. I paired it with a pair of golden leggins, black booties, a big golden statement necklace and my favorite Original Chanel purse.

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I also love statement necklaces and I especially love to mix them for a unique look. Here I combined a long necklace with a shorter one. It’s very important that you adjust them correctly so they don’t cover each other.

 photo IMG_9469_zpsa6524c76.jpg

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I hope I was able to inspire you all a little. Below I found a few items similar to what I’m wearing. So go ahead get inspired – STEAL THE LOOK girls !!

1. Here / 2. Here / 3. Here / 4. Here 5. Here / 6. Here / 7. Here / 8. Here / 9. Here

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