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SnapChat brings back BFF list

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As many of you have noticed SnapChat took away their “BFF list” with their latest update. Let’s keep it real we all loved to keep tabs on “bae” and who he is snapping. So after the hashtag “Bring back the BFF list” has been trending on Twitter, Youtube, blogs, Instagram etc the co-founder of SnapChat Evan Spiegal publicly tweeting that SnapChat will bring back their “BFF list” Yay!!!! Back to stalking!!!!! Ha ha 😉

The co-founder also said that they took away the “BFF list” because of high-profile friends that wanted to keep their profiles private. Come on, if you are a celebrity and wants your SnapChat to be private you already know that you need to come up with a creative name. I mean, just because Beyonce wants her SnapChat to be private the rest of us don’t need to suffer 😉 #INeedToKeepTrackOnBae

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