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Ugh One of those days:(

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Yesterday was one of those days that you wish would just end and disappear. Nothing really bad happened but everything kinda of didn’t go as planned.

I actually thought yesterday was going to be a great day – mostly because I woke up an hour before my alarm went off and was feeling super awake and fresh. After my morning work out everything took a left turn. I got asked to go check out a location and talk to the owner 40 minutes before they wanted me there. I rushed in the shower, threw on a little bit of make up and my clothes on and rushed to the car. We got to the location and the guy I needed to talk with wasn’t there and the location was already taken. Great. Not only did I waste money on parking I also rushed for no damn reason.

I desperately need a carwash but of course while getting my dogs out of the car, my white pants touched the car door and left a dirty black mark. Awesome.

Now it was time to meet up with my acceptant – it’s tax season :(. As we were driving, I had my navigation on because my accountant moved and Mama-Zanne on the phone from Europe and suddenly I realized I needed gas even more than I need a car wash. Great.

We were getting closer and closer to the freeway and no gas station. Mmm…. I asked Siri and she guided me to an invisible gas station. I’m now driving the opposite direction of my accountant and just wasted my last bit of gas on a detour that took me nowhere. Awesome.

After having a serious talk with Siri she finally guided me to a gas station – but of course to the most expensive gas station I have seen the last month. I definitely didn’t buy a full tank.

When we finally arrived at my accountant there was no parking. Of course. My accountant is actually super nice but I how nice is it to meet with your accountant during tax-season. Definitely better things to do.

Heading back towards Hollywood from The Valley I received a call about a deal we have been working on but now we can’t do it till April or May. Great. Also while having them on speakerphone my big Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream, I bought to feel better, melts all over my hand.

On the way back home we decided to swing by Ralph’s to buy groceries – since we are out of everything. As I’m getting Daisy Duke out of the car I pull soothing in my elbow. It still hurts.

We finally get back home. That’s when I find out I have to meet up with my attorney and agent to pick up some really important paperwork for my visa application and it has to be  tonight. Not only is it rush hour but most streets around my house are closed because of The Oscars. My attorney lives a good 30 minutes away.

Around 8.30/9pm we finally made it home. Luckily for me my Red decided to cook for me and he also had a good movie ready! #GoodJobBae

It’s the morning after, I just cooked a delicious healthy breakfast. Looking back at yesterday I can’t help but smile a little. Even though everything went left today is a new day and that I’m grateful for. Sometimes it’s hard to see the rainbow when you are in the middle of the storm, but remember there’s always a brighter day ahead of us 🙂


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