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VIP Suite at BasketBall Game

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Our sweet friend Christina invited my partner in crime Ida and I to come to a private VIP suite at The Staples center to watch the Clippers game. I’ve been before but it was Ida’s first time. What better way to pop her cherry than watching the game from a VIP suite with a bunch of sweet girls. We were around 12-15 girls and then a few guys – so it was almost like a small party.

Here is a few of us girls 🙂


Elaina, Imani & myself right before we realized that The Clippers lost 🙁


You already know I’m not that into sports so the highlight of my night was the dessert tray! Yummy!!!! We were able to pick whatever we wanted so of course I had to pick two things. A caramel almond brownie and vanilla ice-cream with oreos in a ice-cream cone. I seriously have to get my sweet tooth back in control! Maybe I should listen to a hypnosis file so I won’t be so hook on sweets….


More pictures with the girls. The beautiful girl in the flannel shirt is Christina who organized this whole thing 🙂 #GirlPower – Thank you again for a fun evening.


The funniest part of going to the games is when they film the audience. Of course it’s fun to see what celebrities is there but I love when they film around the stadium and catches people off guard – especially with their “kissing cam”. These two boys were cheering and when the camera hit them they got so ecstatic – they freaked out and started to dance 🙂


Besides the dessert tray we also ordered food and a open bar to our suite. They had fish tacos, salads, nachos, chicken wings etc.


Celebrities are always at the game, remember last time I spotted Khloe Kardashian? See more here! At this game we spotted:

Rapper Wiz Khalifa & Ty Dolla $ign


Comedian and actor Kevin Hart, his finance and two kids.


Actor Rob Lowe


Boxer Floyd Mayweather


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