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I love draped dresses and skirts! I bought a few draped skirts last summer but I haven’t been able to find a dress that I really like until I found this one. It’s a deep grey almost black and is so wearable and comfortable. I wore it Sunday for brunch in Santa Monica. Since it was brunch I deeded to wear it with booties and a statement necklace.

The draped look is so wearable; night time with heels, a hot summer day with sandals, going to the beach with flip flops or like I did daytime with booties 🙂

Draped dresses and skirts are still really popular and they are a sure hit this spring – so below I gave you a chance to STEAL THE LOOK and buy a beautiful draped skirt or dress for this spring 🙂 

Skærmbillede 2015-03-03 kl. 00.53.01

Skærmbillede 2015-03-03 kl. 21.17.27

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