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Nobody rocks a crop top and a pencil skirt like Kim Kardashian! But that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t rock it too! A pencil skirt is very flattering on most girls and is very feminine. If you are a curvy girl it really gives your curves a chance to shine. If you are a skinnier girl and don’t have Kim’s big butt a pencil skirt often helps you look more curvy 🙂 – and we all like a round butt 😉

A pencil skirt is perfect for both a night out with the girls or if you are going to a nice restaurant.

I found similar items to Kim Kardashian’s look so it is real easy to get her look 🙂 (null)(null)

1. Here/2. Here/3. Here/4. Here/5. Here/6. Here/7. Here/8. Here/9. Here/10. Here/

11. Here/ 12. Here/13. Here



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