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Mama-Zanne back on TV!

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Yay!!! Mama-Zanne is back on your TV 🙂 Friday night she was interviewed by the Danish News about her hypnosis platform, website and app that help getting rid of stress, loosing weight, quit smoking, success – literally everything you can imagine. She’s so cool 😉 


This is certainly not the first time the news or news papers have interviewed Mama-Zanne about her work or ask for her expertise. Growing up I remember Mama-Zanne being on TV so many times.

I still think it’s kinda of ironic that people always ask for my mother’s opinion and her expertise – I mean she’s just my mom duh! But she really knows everything in her field – so the media would be stupid not to ask her 😉

My sister Melanie and I are slowly – as we get older – accepting that Mama-Zanne is just right 99.9% of the times. As much as we don’t want to admit it – she is 😉 Ha ha

Well watch the clip HERE and you can check out her web site and hypnosis platform HERE 🙂

And I appreciate the news for noticing Mama-Zanne’s fly Chanel glasses 😉 #ChanelAllDay





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