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This weekend Mama-Zanne went to a big birthday party – and the theme was the 60’s! It was the birthday for very good family friend Rita:)

Mama-Zanne decided to live out her inner hippie and I think she did a phenomenal job! I love that she went a llllll out! She did everything from the glasses, to the jewelries, to the socks, the hair – she did that!!! Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the party since it was in Copenhagen but I heard they all had a great time with live performances, dancing and good food 🙂 

The picture below is my favorite!!! It cracks me up every time I loo at it. It’s so hilarious – Mama Zanne totally looks like a hippie!!!!! 

What do you guys think? Did she do a good job with her costume? Comment below and let me know 🙂 

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