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I’m one of those girls that can never have enough lingerie – actually I can never have enough of any type of clothing but that’s a different story. As a girl or woman I think it is so important to have nice lingerie. To me there’s nothing worse than washed-out lingerie where the color is fading ew!

When I purchase lingerie I always try to find affordable options. Then I always avoid any pieces so elaborate that even attempting to fit them under your outfit would be hopeless. If it’s not comfortable and easy to wear I don’t have time for it. Though I want comfortable I don’t settle on “sexiness” but it has to be able to wear on a daily basis.

Below I found a few pieces that I totally love! They are sexy, easy to wear, affordable and black – you can never go wrong with black lingerie.

 Skærmbillede 2015-03-27 kl. 06.18.13


Bye bye cellulites – #FitnessFriday

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My trainer @Mrmvtfit had me do this intense leg circuit and I instantly knew I was going to share it with all of you guys on #FitnessFriday. Not only does it give the regular “squats and lunges” a twist it’s also a great lower body circuit targeting all lower body muscles focusing on hips, glutes, and hamstrings. Which means stunning legs, a tight butt and eliminates cellulites. I don’t know with you guys but that’s what I need for summer 🙂

Here is the three #FitnessFriday exercises.

1. Squat with weighted lateral leg raise.

2. Reverse lunge with front kick also weighted.

3. Squat with alternating weighted leg kickbacks

Try 3 rounds 10 reps each exercise with a one minute rest between rounds.

Depending on your fitness level you can add ankle weights like I do.

My new obsession!!!!!

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Oh my gosh! I’ve have gotten a new obsession – and it’s not the healthiest one. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Kit Kat – yes that cheap chocolate ha ha and I don’t know why?! I literally eat kit kay everyday.

When I was around 5 or 6 years old Mama-Zanne used to always give me a Kit Kat after my ballet class. I had dance classes everyday but I hated my ballet classes – mostly because of the old grumpy and very scary teacher from The Royal Theater of Ballet! So as an award – I’m assuming – I always got a Kit Kat after my ballet class. At least I had something to look forward to 😉

Well today I don’t take ballet classes but I reward myself with eating Kit Kat basically everyday. Instead of eating a whole package I bought these mini Kit Kat which now means  I also bring them around in my purse !!!! #MyStrangeAddiction

People I need help. I’m no sure I’m at the stage where I’m mentally prepared to do a cold Turkey ha ha. Oh well. Guess I’ll just continue to eat Kit Kat till I’m tired of it and then probably pick up some other strange obsession. #ThirdWorldProblems

Is Kris Jenner Khloe’s mother?!

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As you probably already know there’s a lot of rumors about who Khloe Kardashian’s dad is. Some people say that she doesn’t look like the rest of her family and especially doesn’t look like her sisters, dad or mother.

Well I came across an article about The Kardashian’s and I saw this picture and I was like whaaaaat! It’s an old picture of Kris Jenner and then a recent picture of her. Yes she looks stunning now but how much does Khloe look like her mother Kris Jenner, before she had all those facelift, botox etc. DANG!!!

With the way Kris looks today she looks more – plastic fantastic – like Kim and Kylie.  I mean it’s pretty obvious that the three of them look identical since they go to the same doctor and we all know Khloe hasn’t had surgery done (yet) so obviously she is not looking like any of them. Since she looks JUST like her mother I don’t think there’s any doubt that she fully belong to that family lol. And Rob is her dad!

Tell me what you think. Don’t you agree that Khloe looks just like her mother Kris Jenner on the picture to the left? I think so!!!

See how much The Kardashian family has changed their looks over the years HERE

Kylie Jenner Recording w/ Tyga?

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There’s been rumors for a while that Kylie Jenner wants to become a popstar and she’s been trying to get in the studio. Well it looks like it’s happening for her. A picture what appears to be an album cover has leaked online and Kylie Jenner is the star on the song. The song is called “Forever Real” (ironic since her entire face looks face lol) and she is getting help with a feature from boyfriend and rapper Tyga and mega star Iggy Azalea.

Even tough she looks stunning on her new “album cover” no one has confirmed if this is true or it’s just a rumor. Kylie Jenner did take to Instagram four days ago to let us know she is working on a new project for the summer where she can connect with her fans even more. Could this be an album or a single from the teen reality star?

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