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I have been working on a new project since last summer and I feel ready to reveal it to the world. I’ve put a lot of hard work, thoughts and time into this. There’s been ups and downs – my project even got stolen at one point ha ha, so it hasn’t been easy.

My new project will be part of my blog and I will reveal it next week so stay tuned! I’m really excited to see how it will be received by you guys 🙂

Can you guess what it is????


Tv shows I’m watching now

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When I need to turn off my brain and just relax I watch TV. For me it’s so relaxing to lay on the couch watch my TV shows with my two dogs and my green blanket. I don’t relax as much watching movies as I do when I watch my TV shows, somehow it takes more of me to focus on a movie ha ha.

Here is my favorite TV shows at the moment :)


Intervention has been one of my favorite shows since I discovered it years ago. It’s about addiction mostly drugs and alcohol. The addict think they are filming a documentary while their family and friends prepare for an intervention. You follow the addict and family struggle, the intervention, see them go to rehab etc. It’s very emotional and my favorite show. Intervention is an Emmy-winning docu-series. Currently on it’s 14th season.


8 Minutes is a new show about sex and human trafficking. It’s a pastor and a team of advocates who pretend to be a client. When they meet the girls they offer them help and resources to get out of prostitution, away from their pimp and possible rehab.


The Real Housewives – of anywhere!!! I love watching The Real Housewives no matter what city they come from. I know that these shows are very non-educational but gosh I love them. The ladies on there are pure entertainment. I thick my favorite group is the one from Beverly Hills but I’m actually really starting to like the ones from Melbourne too.


Keeping up with the Kardashian’s – do I need to say more? Myself and millions of people around the world love to watch this family and I honestly don’t know why. All I know is that they have me glued to the TV and I’m not proud of it. 😉


The Following is an American drama series following a FBI agent trying to recapture a serial killer and his cult. The FBI agent (Kevin Bacon) quickly looses his personal life in the pursuit of captioning the serial killer. Over the season the two develops a weird personal relationship which gives the show a lot of unexpected turns. The show is now on it’s third season.

All Army Everything – Steal the look

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Todays’s “Steal the look” is a military/army inspired look. I really love wearing military pieces with very feminine and elegant details such as sequence, gold silver, pearls, cute buttons.


This gorgeous jacket, that I found in a boutique in Beverly Hills there years ago, with a touch of sequence and pearls is the perfect way to create a feminine military look. Adding a simple white tank top and skinny army pants the look  becomes very wearable and is definitely a to-go-look in my closet.



Here is a few options for you guys to create your own feminine military look 🙂

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Kim K on Bruce’s transformation

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Kim Kardashian hit up the “Today” show to talk about stepfather Bruce Jenner’s emotional interview with Diane Sawyer about his transformation. Kim talked about how the family feels about Bruce Jenner’s decision. How the cope with the transition, what they call him and how the news were delivered.

Kim assures that the entire family supports Bruce 100% but it is a lot to take in and transitions are still being made.

Check out the interview below 🙂

Also watch Bruce Jenner’s full interview here!

Kehlani Listening party in Hollywood

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Last night I went to a listening party for Kehlani and her new EP “You Should Be Here” that was released today. Kehlani is a new upcoming artist here in the states but is already touring around The States and sells out all her shows. Maybe you have seen her on Instagram – her name is “KehlaniMusic” – either together with Kylie Jenner & Kendal Jenner who is some of her friends or with boyfriend and singer PARTYNEXTDOOR. 


The listening party took place at Skee TV and there was so many people from the music industry; producers, writers, labels, DJ’s, celebrities etc. To name a few rapper YG, actor Michael B. Jordan, Victoria Secret model Goldenbarbie and many more!


I was able to connect with some MAJOR producers and the A&R from Atlantic so I’m really excited to connect with them. Being an artist in Los Angeles it is so important to network and connect with people in the industry. That is basically the only way that you are going to make it here.


Thank you to my homie Dominique for inviting me tonight 🙂