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Happy Easter everyone 🙂 Just like last year I took my furry child Albert and Daisy Duke to an Easter egg hunt event for dogs. Basically it’s a get together for dogs and for easter we do a dog easter egg hunt. We have a bunch of small plastic eggs filled with treats. Before hiding the eggs we put the dogs behind a gate and let them all smell an egg so they can recognize the smell. As a bonus we have three eggs with only paper in them to make it a little harder.

Besides the egg hunt there’s treats for dogs, food and drinks for the parents. It always turns into a fun event not only for the dogs but also for us parent 🙂 #CrazyDogOwners

After hiding all the eggs the dogs were excited to start the egg hunt. We opened the gate and out ran all the doggies. Of course Albert and Daisy were in front 😉 – They were ready to win 🙂

My furry Child Albert Einstein doing solo poses on the red carpet – I mean he is a model so what can you expect 😉 

Dog parties can be exhausting so a little resting time with mommy is always good 😉 

Luckily Daisy and Albert (who also won last year) won the easter egg hunt. Their prize was a beautiful bow tie each from Benni Barker. A green one for Albert Einstein and a pink one for princess Daisy Duke. #SmartDogs

The event was sponsored by Benni Barker – a line of bow ties for dogs, Best Friends and our apartment building Prometheus who provided snacks, pizza, drinks, water etc. 

Even though there were great and a lot of doggie treats at the party the smell of pizza is just too hard to resist for the four legged ones. 😉 

Of course Daisy Duke’s bunny ears were upside down the entire party Ha ha. Albert’s ears  stayed in place during the party but Daisy is just a wild little one 😉 But doesn’t she look cute in her dress?

 It was such a fun party and we met so many sweet dogs and great parents. It’s such a pleasure to see how happy the dogs are and see them play freely with each other for hours 🙂

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