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Mama-Zanne is the best

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It’s been a few months since I have seen Mama-Zanne. She is back in Copenhagen working and being with my sister Melanie and the rest of the family and I’m (obviously) in Los Angeles. I’s been a year since I was home but because of my visa situation I can’t leave the country at the moment.


This post is not suppose to be about my visa situation but a little reminder to my Mama-Zanne because she rocks!!

I know everyone says the same thing about their mum but seriously Mama-Zanne is the best mum in the universe! She is so fucking hardcore and her strength is incredible. So keep doing what you do and I can’t wait to see you (hopefully) soon!

Love you<3

Remember when Mama-Zanne was hospitalized? 

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Blac Chyna mocking Kylie Jenner