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My turn to visit the hospital

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I was laying on my couch watching TV and suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my left chest around my heart. First I didn’t think too much into in but then it happen again 2 minutes after and continued for the next hour every one-two minutes. It was a sharp pain that felt like a knife in my left chest. The pain was so strong that it caused me to go into a quick spams every time it hit.

     I called my doctor buy he was with a patient. after talking to several people at the doctors office ad the sharp pain getting worse they told me to go to the emergency room ASAP.

Normally I’m not really afraid of pain or often goes to the doctor but because the pain was around my heart (left chest) I was a little bit more worried.

I went to Cedars Sinai I’m Beverly Hills and they admitted me to the hospital. Every time I felt the sharp pain in my chest my heart started to beat a lot faster so they checked my heart right when I got there. After getting my heart checked out and talking to the nurses and the doctor they think I had a strained chest wall muscle. The muscle is near my heart and in between my rib case which causes the pain.

Later that day I went back home with a bunch of pain medication. I’m feeling better now and just need to rest till I’m not in pain anymore. Thank Goodness it wasn’t anything serious with my heart.




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