Sofia Vergara sleeps naked?!

Kylie admits fake lips!!

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Fans, haters and the media has for numerous months been speculations whether or not the only 17 year old reality star had had work done to her lips after debuting what appeared to be a much different look on her Instagram account. See her before and after look here. 

You probably remember my previous posts about her sudden voluptuous lips. Media around the world including myself have claimed by showing before and after pictures that the young reality star did have her lips done – but Kylie has denied it and  kept blaming lip liners and lipstick.

Her fans have even taking it so far to do a dangerous “Kylie Jenner Challenge” to copy her lips. 

In this upcoming episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” she and her sisters finally admits that she has plumped her lips – gotten fillers – injected her lips to have them look bigger. She points out that she had temporary lip fillers but all fillers, botox etc is always temporary and something you need to maintain so Kylie just say: “yes I’ve had my lips done”. Dont add no temporary bs. Own up to it!

Kylie says it has been an insecurity of hers for a while but her sisters Kim and Khloe still encourages her to own up to it. 

Check out the video below to see Kylie reveal the truth about her lips!! I already know I won’t be missing this episode on Sunday 😉


I’ve found Kylie Jenner’s doctor! 

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Sofia Vergara sleeps naked?!